CIO/Facilitator of Positive Change ~ Passionate about Life. Positive, focused, friendly, professional w/years of proven experience & success in marketing, sales, teaching & mentoring & business start-ups.  We are passionate about helping others. Whether it is in their career, consulting or in their personal life.  We simply get fulfillment from seeing others succeed and playing some role in supporting them toward their goals. 
At Marketing Solutions by Holly we bring over 25
years of marketing experience, business operations,
and organizational management.  Public speaking, writing & content, business start-up & small business mentoring.  We share our knowledge with our
clients to customize programs based on their
vision, goals & budgets. 

 We help "connect the dots" to synergistically increase engagement & profits while lowering risk.
We partner with brick & mortars to virtual or
home-based organizations, large, small, profit &
non-profit alike, our portfolio is extensive &
growing all the time. 

We believe that building strong relationships is
important and we work closely with our clients
toward a common goal.  We will listen to your vision
and do everything in our power to create it
exactly as you see it. 
  • 25+  years of marketing experience 
  • Successful fortune 500 business start-up
  • Business mentoring & business marketing
  • Non-Profit experience
  • Campaign development
  • Design experience
  • Understanding of small business needs
  • Understanding of non-profit needs
  • Unsurpassed customer service
  • Knowledgeable & professional
  • We work with small & large organizations
  • Talented, intuitive, and creative
  • References available

If you are in need of marketing services, social media management, mobile marketing, text message marketing,
digital marketing, branding, brochure or marketing collateral designed, a COMMUNICATION platform or an email campaign, the best place to start is a consultation.

We can connect over the phone, meet online,
or over coffee.

During the initial consultation, we will ask you about your previous marketing/communication efforts, your motivation for reaching out,  your immediate needs,
and your goals. With an understanding of your organization and goals, we will tailor recommendations
to fit your target market and customize the program to fit your budget, timeline, needs.

A common dreadful question in our field is
“What is your rate?”

As much as we'd like to answer that question right
away, we do not feel that it is fair to do so without understanding your GOALS, NEEDS & BUDGET
so we can customize the BEST platform & program for you.  REST ASSURED,  we are competitive as we do not have a roof & HUGE overhead & priced well below most agencies you may have worked with in the past.  AND we have some platforms that are FREE.

The investments differ based on which program is needed. To get you the results, we will work together
to customize a package that helps to synergistically
engage your audience to achieve your goals, with
attention to detail & unsurpassed customer service.

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